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   Owen: The opener did not have tension on the knight I had only love there [13/10/17 05:27AM]   
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There are six days, Carey - Owen will return to Cleveland as a Boston Celtics player, the face of the Cavaliers and LeBron - James, today ESPN reporter Mark. J. Spears talk about the opener.
Owen looks no worries about the opener. "Why should we be anxious, this is a game, but I know what the game will bring in the game, no matter what the situation, in order to let Cleveland Cavaliers Youth Jersey people get some way to get this This is part of the game, it 's always the case, and the game is two baskets and a basketball.

"No matter what the situation, I accept, I have only love there, I heard the cheering in the championship, but also in the speed of the ball hall 30 points behind to hear the boos, which I have experienced, in the "Owen said that Owen and James had led the Cavaliers to the finals in the past three seasons, but in the summer Owen took the initiative to trade in August, when Owen was traded to Celtic People.

In this opener, All-Star forward Gordon - Hayward and rookie Jason - Tatum for the first time on behalf of the Celtics debut, the Cavaliers new Dwyane - Wade and Derek - Ross is the first time New owner debut, but no story will be better than James and Owen battle between the wonderful. Golden State Warriors Womens Jersey Owen is sure to know why, "it is so much energy and attention, the only reason is how special we are."

Owen says he respects everything she has made in Cleveland, "you can always look back, and when you look back, time is like stagnation and look back at what happened." What you need in Cleveland needs some special emotions and sacrifices That 's the only championship, it' s unique, so that 's great.

In Cleveland Owen left 8232 points and 2114 assists and the finals to grab the key three points, the Cavaliers in the history of retired Nate - Samson, Bobby Smith, Austin - Karl, Larry - South, Bula Germany - Doherty, Mark - Price and Ilgaus card 7 jersey number, and Owen's jersey will get this treatment.

Owen said: "I do not know if it will happen, NBA Hoodies cheap but I appreciate my career in the Cavaliers, which is part of my career legend, whether it is accepted, it is not important to me. Where the real time spent is the most important thing that really wants to remember.




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